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Prophesy To The Winds! — October 30, 2017

Prophesy To The Winds!

Don’t underestimate the power of your voice.  In Ezekiel 37:9 God told Ezekiel to prophesy to the winds and call breathe into the dry bones.  As it is today, God has given us the same power in the tongue to prophesy and call forth the winds of God to breathe upon our dry places. To bring life to dead things that are within us and around us. So, prophesy to your dead situations. Prophesy to your dry areas. Prophesy to those dormant gifts that are within you. Open your mouth and speak and cause those things to menifest!

A Church Without Walls! — October 29, 2017

A Church Without Walls!

Earlier this year, God began to reveal to me that he was raiaing up a people who was come away from conformity, performance, entertainment and what looks normal. They will break away from the religious and their man made glory.  They will not be afraid to go against the grain. They won’t be afraid to be different! They are taking the Power and the Glory of GOD outside the 4 walls of what we have called the church. God showed me that the true church will do the same miracles as Jesus did when he walk on the earth… The time is now…No longer will the true followers of Jesus sit on warm padded pews just to fit in. God is shaking them loose from religion and they will turn cities and regions upside down!!!

A Ray of Hope —

A Ray of Hope

What a sweet visions I saw today at church.  A ray of HOPE!!  There was a lady sitting to my right who was a single mom. I could sense she felt tired!!!  During worship I had my eyes close, soaking in the presence of the Lord. Then suddenly a light appeared over to my right, over the area where the single mom was sitting.  My eyes were still closed!! Then I heard the worship leaders say “Open the Heavens Lord”.

I open my eyes and looked over at that mom. This time she was smiling!! And her countenance was Lifted!! PRAISE YOU LORD!!!  God showed me that he lifted her heaviness!! And he ministered hope to her spirit!!  It was the Lord himself releasing supernatural grace so she could carry on!!! It was a beautiful moment!!! 

To all the single moms. There is…A RAY OF HOPE! God will perfect those things concerning you and your children. He will lift your heavy burdens and turn it around for you!

God-Size Dreams! —
Winning the Fight! —

Winning the Fight!

On November 18,  2015 I was in intercession and I saw a vision. In the vision I could tell heavy warfare was going on. Then I  heard the voice of the Lord say….I am riding out before you with vengeance against your enemies”

Then I saw a fight. I couldn’t actually see the face, but the enemy had backed this person up in the corner. And out of nowhere, that person begin to fight the enemy with all their might. The person was throwing punches against the enemy left and right. It was almost like watching a UFC fight. That person totally beat the enemy down to the ground..The fight was over…The enemy was down and that person had won the battle!

People of God…
I sense the Lord is saying it’s time to come out swinging and punching. It’s time to beat your enemies down like dust. He has backed you in the corner for the last time. Throw your punches, for you will knock him out!!!

Flames of Glory! —

Flames of Glory!

I want to share a short dream I had April 7, 2016. I dreamed that Prophetic teams were ministering in the streets. These people looked like regular ordinary people,  but they carried the FLAME OF GLORY! The power of God was moving so strong through these people it was undeniable! They were able to prophesy and lay hands on strangers. And God even gave them the ability to know individual’s names supernaturally as they ministered to them. One prophetic minister called a homeless man by his birth name and he believed! It was POWERFUL!  Another prophetic minister walked up to a lady and the Glory of God fell upon her without the minister even laying hands. God’s menifested power was moving in the streets!!!
I believe God gave me this dream as a sign that things are about to shift into high gear. God is raising up Apostolic Prophetic teams and they are taking it to the streets. As they walked through the streets and alleys…. God gave them the power to perform MIRACLES, SIGNS and WONDERS Hallelujah! There’s a radical remnant  that’s  emerging  forth and they carring within them a tangible …FLAME OF GOD’S GLORY!

Piece By Piece! — October 24, 2017
Be A Voice…Not An Echo —

Be A Voice…Not An Echo

God created each of us with a unique sound and style. And it’s up to each of us to find our vibe, our voice, our affectivness, our flow and our lane.  You were never meant to echo a sound that has already been released. God wants you to release your distinct sound. So, the next time you feel as if you have to copy the pattern of another. Just remember, you have a sound of your own and the world needs to hear it!