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You Are Worthy! — May 30, 2016

You Are Worthy!

Picture captured by Renee Boyd

Sitting here looking through my photos. I ran across this beautiful Magnolia Flower. So, I decided to write a blog. Normally, flowers don’t catch my eye as much. But, this one did!

One day while I was out  walking with my family. I felt this urge to take a picture of this beautiful white flower. Not knowing why, but I did.  It was as if that flower was just sitting there waiting for me that day. Shortly, after taking the picture.  I did a research on the flower because I was curious to know it’s meaning. And this is what I found.

Magnolia flowers are usually given as a present from men to women as if the men are saying…You are worthy of a Magnolia which reflects beauty and gentleness. Also, Magnolias symbolize a message of love.  A white Magnolia symbolizes purity and dignity.  In the South, Magnolias are often  used in weddings to empasizes and reflect the bride’s purity and nobilty. So, once I read all that I was like… YES, now I know why I took this picture.

It was God’s unusual suprisingly way of speaking!.  Just as a man gives a woman a Magnolia Flower because he wants her to know how WORTHY she is! How beautiful she is!  And her priceless gentleness as a women!  God gave me a Magnolia that day to tell me the same…YOU ARE WORTHY! YOU ARE PRICELESS! YOU ARE BEAUTIFUL! And your GENTLE NATURE is one of a kind!

So,  I believe that’s what the Father is saying to us. We are WORTHY! We are PRICELESS! Through his eyes we are loved and beautiful. Not just his daughters, but his sons as well. Because God doesn’t look at gender. He looks at   hearts!! Hallelujah!

So, the next time you are out and about. Slow down , pay attention. God might just show up that day in an unusual way!!






BOLDNESS — January 15, 2016



I was just sitting and meditating and the word BOLDNESS came to me again. I truly believe God is really sounding this word in this hour. A new BOLDNESS is coming to the body of Christ. A BOLDNESS to confront things that have blocked, hindered and oppressed. A BOLDNESS to tear down, dismantle, overthrow and uproot. BOLDNESS shall be our portion, says the Lord. A BOLDNESS to break free from cycles. A BOLDNESS to step away from the norm. A BOLDNESS to possess, claim and reclaim!

The Lord is causing a BOLDNESS to rise in the heart of his people!

RESTORATION — January 14, 2016



Our God is a God of RESTORATION! He said in  Joel 2…I will restore my people. God promised us he will restore ruined places. He will restore broken places! He said he  will restore to us years that has been lost and stolen. Years of struggles and  years of pain. So, today we decree and declare this word over our lives…

Joel 2:25-26…God said…”I will restore to you the years that the locust hath eaten, the canker worm and the caterpillar and the palmer worm. My great army I sent among you…You shall eat in plenty and be satisfied and praise the name of the Lord your God who has dealt wondrously with you…and you shall never be put to shame

BOLD! — January 5, 2016



Good morning,
I’m so excited about this season we are in. Woke up this morning and the Lord told me to keep encouraging his people. He told me to tell you to continue to be BOLD for him. He showed me that the world is watching you. They are listenining. People that you wouldn’t realized are watching your witness for Christ. People on your jobs. People in your family. People in your neighborhoods. People in your church!!! Glorrrrrry! Even people in high places. He said to tell you to keep BEING BOLD! Don’t stop! They are watching. Keep being BOLD!

What’s In Your Hand? — December 14, 2015

What’s In Your Hand?


As I was getting ready to settle down for the night. God brought Exodus 4:2 to my mind. So, I knew he wanted to share something with me.

In this verse, God and Moses were having a deep conversation. God told Moses, he has heard the cry of his people. And he was sending him in to deliver them from Pharaoh. The King of Egypt, the oppressor of God’s children, the Israelites.

So, after God told Moses all he was going to do. Moses asked, how will Pharaoh believe you sent me? Then God said “What’s in your hand”?  I believe God wanted me to know something powerful concerning why he asked Moses that. God showed me, he will use what we have, oppose to what we think we need. Moses, said I have a rod. So, God said ok!

To me that is so powerful. God anointed what Moses already had and gave him supernatural power to use it.  And that is the same with you and I. God wants to anoint what we already have. He wants to put his supernatural power on what’s already in our hands. So, if you are a singer, use your voice. If you are a dancer, use your legs. If you are a writer, use your pen.  If you are a cook, use your kitchen. Because, what you already have is enough for God!

“What’s In Your Hand”

Turning Your Weakness into Strenght! — November 17, 2015

Turning Your Weakness into Strenght!


When we are going through tough times, it can be so hard to feel strong. It seems like everything we face tries to get us to quit or just give up. We began to feel depressed, angry, fearful, trapped and helpless. And being strong is not on the top of the list.

However, I am finding out more and more that the opposite is actually happening. Whenever, we go through seasons of feeling weak and discourage. That is the time when God is doing His greatest work in us and through us! When we yield to him in those moments, he shows us that we are stronger when we are weak!  We are gaining ground, when we feel like quitting! We are actually succeeding, when we feel like we are failing! Hallelujah!

In 2 Corinthians 12:9-10 Paul said…“But he said to me, My grace is sufficient for you, for my power is made perfect in weakness”. Therefore I will boast all the more gladly about my weaknesses, so that Christ’s power may rest on me. That is why, for Christ’s sake, I delight in weaknesses, in the insults, in hardships,in persecution, in difficulties. For when I am weak, then I am strong“.

God is saying, I want to use your weak places. My power is stronger when you are weak. It’s not in your strenghts, but it’s in your going through. Paul was revealing to us….When times are hard, that’s when God stands up in us. When we face persecution, that’s when the anointing shows up. When they talk about us, he shows forth his power. When we are at our lowest, we are at our best!  So, I encourage you. The next time you experience a season of weakness, know that God’s power is resting upon you. And that’s the time when you are STRONG!

Healing Power of God! — October 29, 2015

Healing Power of God!


What an awesome season we are in. God is truly making himself known  in a mighty way. I am super excited to share my goodness with the world about the healing power of God. God has healed me twice this year!!!

Earlier this year, gave me an answer in prayer that resulted in the total healing of migraines. Now, God has healed me again. Yesterday, during prayer God spoke to me concerning a prayer request I prayed two years ago. I was diagnosed with fibroid tumors. I had one big massive tumor that was laying to the right of my uterus.

I was shocked to hear the news. But, I knew it had to be, because I was in so much pain. The doctor told me I may have to have surgery to remove them, if they continue to grow or cause excessive pain alone with other symptoms. Well, once the doctor told me the news. I begin to pray. I asked God to totally heal me without surgery!

Praise God, he did! Yesterday, during prayer God told me to call my doctor. I could feel this overwhelming joy in the spirit, as if God had a surprise for me, LOL! I got up this morning and called the doctor. The nurse read my chart and said ” You no longer have tumors”. She said your chart and results are clear! Glory to God! NO TUMORS!!

What a wonderful God. Two healings in a year! First, he healed me from migraines. Now, he has healed me of fibroid tumors. Hallelujah! When God does it, he does it WELL!  Now, in most cases these types of tumors shrink. But, not in this case. The ones I had are no longer there at all. As if, they wasn’t there from the beginning!

I’m telling you the truth. God is ready to release the supernatural. He spoke to me weeks ago, and said he is about to do UNEXPLAINABLE MIRACLES! God is going to make himself know to many by miraculous signs. I believe many are going to be healed of varies sickness and disease! Get ready! We are gonna see miracles that we have not seen before in our lifetime! Our God is rising with healing in his wings!!! Hallelujah!!

Seek And Find — October 27, 2015

Seek And Find


As I write this blog I have a funny playful image in my mind. I think about the game hide and seek. The game has one person who counts from 1-10 while the others run and hide in varies places. This game is mostly played by younger children on the playground at school or with neighborhood friends. Kids love this game because it’s often rewarding when you find that hidden person.  But, the image I have in mind is a father playing hide and seek with his son/ daughter. Think about the joy on that little ones face, while playing with their  daddy. They seek for him and they find him. And then daddy scoops them up, gives them a big hug, a big kiss and say…YOU FOUND ME!  Have you every thought that God wants us to enjoy him that way. That is exactly how I am feeling as I write this blog. God wants us to be free and enjoy him as much as he wants to enjoy us. Not just in the good times. But,even in the mist of our hard times.

Jeremiah 29:13 says

You will seek me and find me when you seek me with all your heart

I see so much joy in the heart of the Father, when he spoke those words to Jeremiah for the people. God spoke those words to his people while they were in captivity. God wanted them not to look at what was around them. He wanted them to know, even in all this you can still enjoy me. When you seek me, you will find me. And when you find me, it will be rewarding to you. My presence will cause you to forget your present condition. God knew the plans he had for his people. However, until God delivers them out of captivity. He wanted them to enjoy his presence. He wanted them to have so much enjoyment seeking him, that when they found him it will all be worth it. Their joy will be restored. They will know his plans. They will have hope again. He will restore their future. He will remove their fears. He will scoop them up, give them a big hug and kiss and say…YOU FOUND ME!

God is such a loving Father. He sent the people a word through the prophet Jeremiah, during their hard times. He said “I know the plans I have for you, plans to prosper you and not to harm you, plans to give you hope and a future”.  He wanted them to know that he has not forgotten his plans and purpose for them. Everything, he promise to do he will still do. But, in the meantime.  He wanted them to seek him, enjoy him and he will show himself to them.  Then at the proper time. He would reward them with all that was stored up for them!  God will also do the same for us.  When we seek him, enjoy him and then find him. We are then refreshed by his love and reassured of all he has planned for us!

NO WEAPON! — October 23, 2015



I had a vivid dream last week. The dream was very short, but I feel God wants me to share it. In the dream, a man appeared over to my right. I didn’t notice my surroundings, but I could see him near me. In his hand, he was holding a dark bow and arrow. He shot the arrow and it slightly hit my right shoulder.

After he fired, I begin to run. I was running in fear. I was so afraid he was going to kill me.  He fired again, but it missed. As I was running, I saw a building. I ran inside of the building and suddenly I appeared on the roof. The man followed me inside, but he didn’t follow me to the roof. When I looked down through the roof he was aiming at me. He shot his third arrow. However, this time I noticed I had NO FEAR!

The arrow came straight through the roof towards me. But, something supernatural happened. I caught the arrow with my right hand and twirled it in his face. The look in the man’s eyes was shocking. He was devastated, because I wasn’t afraid anymore. His weapon had no more power!!!! Hallelujah!

I believe this is a prophetic dream.  And it is not for me only. I believe we are about to rise in supernatural power! God showed me that in the dream, the enemy was trying to cause me to fear while walking in purpose. A fear that made me want to fun. Trying to stop the purpose. Trying to kill destiny. But, when I supernatural appeared on the rooftop, he couldn’t follow me there. The rooftop symbolized the place of revelation. The place where I was awakened and no longer afraid. A place of authority, power and dominion. A place where fear could not dwell!!! A spiritual realm.

I believe right now, God is speaking to you as you read this blog. You are about to rise to a places of revelation. A place of awakening. A place where fear and doubt can not dwell. A place where you become victorious. A place of power. A place of authority. A place where the arrows of the enemy can not touch you. In this place, you will over power his attacks and twirl it in his face, VICTORIOUSLY !

Hallelujah! You shall rise to a place of VICTORY!!!

God is Listening! — October 16, 2015

God is Listening!


I had the most encouraging dream last night. It’s hard for me to explain the atmosphere in the dream. But, I definitely knew I was with the Lord. In the dream, it was slightly cloudy and smokey, and I was aware of the presence of a man. I couldn’t see his face, but I heard his voice. He told me, “God hears the prayers”!

In the dream, I could sense prayers was rising up to God. There was lots of activity going on all around me. I knew I was in the spirit. It felt as if I was in outer space. My body felt free. It was peaceful and calm. As I awaken from the dream, my body felt light as a feather. Even, as I’m writing now, I still feel that overwhelming peace and that same sweet lifting.

Revelation 8:4 says..And the smoke of the incense , with the prayers of the saints, went up before God out the angel’s hand (ASV)

Thank you Father, that you are listening to us. I just know you are going to answer us in your perfect timing. We will rejoice, with singing and dancing while we wait. You said God, they that wait upon the Lord shall renew their strength. They shall mount up with wings like an eagle. They shall run and not grow weary. They shall walk and not faint, Isaiah 40:31. Hallelujah!

God is listening man of God. God hears you woman of God!  If he’s listening. He’s gonna answer! You are going to mount up! Be encouraged! Rejoice, because you have the ear of God!